5 Netflix Must-Haves for Moms-to-Be

Looking for something good to pass the time while you wait for your baby?  Or something to help you enjoy pregnancy more? Check out these top picks for pregnancy!

The Business of Being Born

This documentary takes a peek inside the way modern mamas (and babies) are treated during pregnancy and birth. It covers what's going on with hospital births and out-of-hospital births. You may be surprised with what's discovered. A must-watch for conscious mamas. Netflix also has More Business of Being Born and another one to check out is Pregnant in America!

The Business of Being Born

Amira's Belly Dance & Yoga for Pregnancy

I'm often asked what pregnancy exercise is best, and I usually answer with “what works for you!” But everyone always asks what I like.. and my favorite prenatal exercise is by far belly dance!

I'm super-shy, so you're not going to catch me on stage, but I love dancing with baby in the privacy of my own home 😉 I like Amira's workouts for both pregnancy and before or after pregnancy. Her pregnancy workout is nice and gentle for beginners but moves to a good pace once you're experienced. Gentle yoga moves also help you gain awareness of your body and breathing.

There are TONS of pregnancy exercise selections on Netflix, so take a peek if this one isn't your thing!


This fun documentary is one of my all-time favorites because it features… well… babies! It follows babies in four cultures from birth to a year old and it's fascinating to watch! It puts some nice perspective on what we feel is really “required” for babies to grow and develop well. If you enjoy this film, you may also enjoy the book [raw]Babies Celebrated[/raw] 🙂

The Happiest Baby on the Block

This is the video version of Dr. Karp's book, and I highly recommend this for all parents-to-be (it's also really nice to have on hand during the first few weeks after baby is born). Pictures… and live demonstrations… are really worth a thousand words when it comes to soothing newborns.

This one will help you feel more confident in handling your baby and helping him or her get to sleep (remember, a cranky baby is often a tired baby who can't figure out how to fall asleep!).


This one is a classic coming-of-age story focused on a topic very close to our hearts – having a baby. Juno is spunky and funny, and her adventures with figuring out how to handle an unplanned pregnancy will make you smile.

Want some more laughs to boost that oxytocin and pass the time while you wait for baby? Netflix also has My Big Fat Greek Wedding 😉

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Handle Labor Pain

Netflix Must Haves for Moms to Be

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