Are Strollers Really Necessary?

by Julie

(Asheville, NC, USA)

I'm pregnant with my first child, so I have no personal experience to go off, but I don't like the idea of pushing my child around in a stroller.

I know that you are a big advocate of baby-wearing and so I was wondering if you would consider a stroller essential.

Is it realistic to wear your baby up until they can walk on their own and completely by-pass the entire stroller ordeal?


Hi Julie,

I'm glad you asked this question because I'm thrilled to answer it!

I do not consider a stroller essential. I consider a baby carrier of some sort essential, but a stroller is a complete luxury. And it's one I really don't find useful!

I was given a stroller while pregnant with Cassidy, my oldest. I think I put her in the stroller one time and eventually gave it away. I just wore her everywhere.

When I was pregnant with Asher Cassidy was still a young toddler (they're 19 months apart) and I was given a double stroller… I took it to a children's consignment shop and traded it in for a toddler bed for Cassidy and a load of outfits for Asher!

We have a little umbrella stroller that we've used occasionally, but it mostly collects dust in the laundry room.

Galen is 15 months old and has never been in a stroller.

I have never really liked the thought of pushing my baby around, either. For me it has been much, much easier to carry them around in a sling, wrap, or in the Ergo baby carrier – even up into toddlerhood.

Once they are bigger toddlers I like a wrap or the Ergo so they can go on my back, but a sling with a hip carry also works well with toddlers.

And with a tiny baby, there is just no reason to have them isolated in a stroller. They fit so nicely into a wrap or sling. And they're just so precious snuggled right up to you! It's wonderful.

I know many moms who have never used a stroller and they're very happy with it! No big contraption to lug in and out of the car… to try and maneuver around other people or worry about in stores.

I'm just not a fan of strollers so I've always made it work to just carry my babies and toddlers.

Just for reference – you can read about my experience on the baby carriers pages – the Ergo baby carrier, SleepyWrap, Baby Slings, and Podaegi articles especially share my personal experiences.

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