BBL190: How Much Pregnancy Weight Gain is Normal?

How much pregnancy weight gain is normal? Should you worry about it? What does weight gain in pregnancy mean - or not mean? We’re going to talk about where the pounds come from in pregnancy, how much weight you should gain, and what that means for you in today’s episode.

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What's The right amount pregnancy weight gain

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why pregnancy risk has shifted from too little to too much weight gain
  • Where the excessive weight gain comes from (plus what that means for you)
  • What does research say about the risks to mom and baby of gaining too much (or too little?)
  • This change in protein consumption hurts everyone - but especially pregnant moms and babies
  • A cause of pregnancy weight gain nobody told you about (plus why it’s critical to pay attention to)
  • A breakdown of where the pounds come from
  • Why you gain weight in the first trimester
  • When to worry about putting on the pounds (and when not to)
  • Here’s the million dollar question answered: how much weight should you really gain?
  • Which measures and recommendations you can trust (and which ones to be wary of)
  • Which is normal, regular gain or “here and there” gain
  • What to do if you’re gaining nothing The truth about “eating for two”
  • This is what you need to put the most of on your plate
  • A food combination you MUST avoid - most of the time (if you want to avoid excess weight gain)
  • Why healthy fats are essential to your baby (plus why fats are not the problem you may think they are)
How much weight should you gain in pregnancy?

Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

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Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
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How much? Pregnancy Weight gain (what you need to know)
How much weight should you gain in pregnancy?

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