BBL189: How to Prevent Preeclampsia: An Evidence-Based Guide

Get practical, evidence-based information on how to prevent preeclampsia, one of today's most feared pregnancy complications. While we still don't completely understand this dangerous condition, we do have excellent, tested methods to prevent it (or even take steps towards reversing it!). Join me in today's episode where I outline nutritional strategies, supplements, lifestyle changes, and promising medical interventions that can make a life-saving difference for you and your baby.

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Evidence based guide. prevent preeclampsia

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Important notes about working with a care provider experienced in preeclampsia
  • Why restricting salt is not only bad advice, it’s downright dangerous
  • How studies have show salt can reverse preeclampsia
  • Simple diet corrections can remove sensitivity to salt
  • The role sugar plays in high blood pressure and other pregnancy complications
  • Why calories are really important during pregnancy (hint: this may not be what you think)
  • How swapping carbs for protein can lower your risk for pregnancy complications
  • The role of healthy fats in protecting pregnant moms and babies
  • You MUST avoid this type of fat to keep you and baby safe
  • Why glycine is a pregnancy safety super-star (and how to get it)
  • What REALLY happens with your blood supply during pregnancy (and why this is critical to preventing preeclampsia)
  • The role of probiotics in preventing pregnancy complications
  • This supplement showed a lot of promise - but this food source is even better
  • Fruit and veggie super-stars for keeping you healthy and low-risk
  • Which mineral may be important to supplement if you know you’re at risk of pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, or HELLP
  • Three other important supplements to consider
  • Why movement and exercise may be especially critical (and how to make that happen in your busy schedule)
  • The role of stress control
  • The simple, side-effect-free medication you should seriously consider if you know you’re at high risk
  • Emergency measures to take if you already have a diagnosis
How you can prevent preeclampsia

Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast:

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Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
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how to prevent preeclampsia
how to prevent preeclampsia

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