Pink Kit Walkthrough – Pregnancy with Galen (“Peanut”)

Week by week blog entries of my work with the Pink Kit Package while I was pregnant with Galen!

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Week 1

  • Starting the Pink Kit: This is the first week of the Pink Kit and I’m 24 weeks along. From 24 to 28 weeks we’ll use the New Focus book.

Week 2

  • Breathing Exercises: We’re just getting into our second week and we’re working through the breathing section of New Focus. I find some of the directed breathing particularly helpful – even now.

Week 3

  • Language: We’ve worked through breathing and have added the language component in – it’s more helpful than I first thought and we’ll be practicing more!

Week 4

  • Visualizing and Saying No!: This week brings us to exploring visualizations of pregnancy and birth – and a rather amusing exercise on different ways to tell your support person “no” and “stop” during labor :p

Week 5

  • Here? Here? Here???: This week has us on a hilarious and impossible game of locating one spot on each other…without saying a word…and learning how to overcome that problem during labor – by working before labor begins.

Week 6

  • Staring with the Pink Kit DVD lessons: Are we really six weeks into this? We’ve added the video lessons in now and have completed the first lesson – I’ve been finding everything really helpful and Scott is a little frustrated.
  • The Bony Pelvis: A new video lesson on “mapping the pelvis” helps us get to know what our baby will be heading through to meet us!

Week 7

  • Positions for Labor and Birth: One of the most important sections we’ve gone through – and nicely personalized thanks to our previous video lesson! I find my awareness increasing daily and find this video very helpful.

Week 8

  • Movement in the Bony Pelvis: In this section we learn several techniques that help me feel really open – and I gain appreciation for how flexible the female and birthing pelvis actually is!

Week 9

  • Working with the Soft Tissue of the Pelvis: This section was challenging for me – I share why and how I’ve benefited from learning about the soft tissues and muscles of the pelvis.
  • Tension and Relaxation During Birth: Mostly review in this section. There’s some good information on different types of tension and my awareness of tension and relaxation and how they impact birth continues to grow.

Week 10

  • The Internal Work: We actually started this a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to wait some time before writing about it – I’m finding it helpful

Week 11

  • Massage and Body Care: A refreshing section that encourages your partner to pamper you 😉 I’m not sure it will actually prompt my man to pamper me but we tackle the section anyways…

Galen’s Pink Kit Birth

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